Industrial welding solutions

1. Motor welding

Features: Stable welding quality, no need for repair welding;

Welding effect:

2. Fillet weld welding

Features: Fillet seam positioning welding, no need for laser seam tracking sensors, stable, and cost saving.

Requirement: The fillet weld welding of this object does not require manual repair welding, nor does it require manual assistance welding.

Solution: The "brain" of the core assembly contains a fillet weld spot finding welding algorithm to address this requirement.

Welding effect:

3. Round tube welding

Features: Compensation welding for positioning error in round tube spot testing, no need for visual photography, stable, and cost saving.

Requirement: All rake teeth shall be welded in a straight line perpendicular to the circular tube at 90 °, and there shall be no false welding.

Difficulty: The position of the rake teeth that are spot welded each time has an error of 1-5mm.

Solution: The "brain" of the core assembly contains a welding algorithm for compensating for dot finding errors.

Welding effect:

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